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Workers Compensation Matters

  • Are you having difficulties with your employer or workers compensation insurer?
  • Are you being paid your weekly wage entitlements correctly?
  • Do you know your rights? Have you been medically assessed?

We are you legal champions here to help.

Motor Vehicle & Farm Accidents

As an Accredited Specialist, Penny Waters and her team can assist with motor vehicle claims and farm accidents. We can provide expert advice gained from many years of experience in this area.

Family law - Divorce, Property/Financial Settlements & Defacto Claims

The team at Penny Waters Armstrong Legal is experienced in all aspects of family law and are here to help with this difficult period of your life that may involve disputes such as:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • De Facto Relationships
  • Domestic Violence and AVOs
  • Family Law Court Representation or Mediation

Buying/Selling Property

Whether buying or selling we are able to assist you with advice on all issues concerning real estate and provide a smooth exchange of property.


It is essential to make a Will to ensure your property which includes your home, land, car, money in bank accounts, insurance policies, shares, jewellery, pictures, furniture, and so on, is distributed in the way you want after you die.

It is very important your Will is drawn up properly, signed and witnessed to avoid the case where a Will is either unclear, not properly drawn up or caused an unwanted tax liability and ends up in court. Many of these cases carry on for years, causing distress and perhaps hardship to the family of the deceased. It is also important to have a Power of Attorney and Guardianship in the event you become unable to handle your financial and lifestyle decisions. It allows you to appoint a person to act in your best interest and make these decisions for you. For more information contact Penny Waters Armstrong Legal Lawyers Armidale.

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