What We Do

At PWA Legal, careful planning and execution ensures we can minimise your risk of
delay of your legal matter. We are ethical and accountable and will be open, honest
and transparent at all times. Our Solicitor’s pay careful attention throughout your
legal matter, so you don’t have the stress and worry.

Do you need a Solicitor?

Our personalised service ensures your individual needs are properly understood.

Our industry knowledge and expertise means we know who to talk to, and when, to get things done.

We are locals looking out for locals.

You need to know your rights.

You should always see a solicitor before taking any

We will advise you as to whether your matter requires legal action.

Why choose PWA Legal?

  • Choosing the right Solicitor, firm or negotiator is the first step in achieving your legal
  • Our firm ensures your legal rights and interests are protected and enforced
    throughout your matter.
  • We will keep you informed throughout the process. We are available to answer any
    questions you may have, at any time.
  • We understand there is so much more to Law than just attending to the legal
    paperwork. It can be a very busy and sometimes stressful. Which is why we are
    committed to making sure your legal matter runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Our industry knowledge and expertise means we know who to talk to, and when, to
    get things done.
  • We tackle the legal so that you can move on with life!

What is an Accredited Personal Injury Law Specialist?

  • An Accredited Personal Injury Law Specialist is a lawyer who is an expert in their area of law.
  • The New South Wales Law Society established the specialist accreditation scheme in 1992 to provide guidance to members of the public as to those lawyers in the legal profession who had particular expertise in their area of law.
  • To become an Accredited Specialist a lawyer must have the necessary experience and pass a rigorous examination in communication, problem-solving, client service and of course his or her knowledge and understanding of the relevant laws and regulations.
  • The lawyer must also undergo an interview by senior members of the legal profession who determine by question and answer examination whether or not the lawyer should be awarded specialist accreditation status.
  • Only those lawyers who are truly experts in their area of law are granted accreditation.

We tackle the legal, so that you can move on with life.